It's the doing and the loving of the doing that brings happiness.



We provide a tailor-made service that enables you to rent your home without the hassle of having to take care of it. We set up personal meetings with you to walk through the process before getting started. We verify the required security measures.

We discuss the important points for you as homeowners when you rent your house. These points are mentioned in the "House Manual" that we compose for you. In this "House Manual", we describe the rules of your home and note the instructions your guests need to fully enjoy your home. This manual is completed with good tips or practical facts about our favorite seaside resort.


A listing carefully and comprehensively designed to generate a high number of bookings.

Amazing photos that help your home stand out and look even more appealing to potential guests.


We update pricing daily, depending on market demand, special holidays or events helds in your city.

We make your ad even more attractive to potential guests. We are responsive for requests of availability or information, to maximize your chance to obtain reservations.

As the owner, you have total control and you can log in at any time to keep track of the state of affairs or evolution.


We have a meet and greet your guests in person and give them a warm welcome. Welcome packs with local treats and complimentary amenities provided for every guest!


We take care of the check-in of your guests and welcome them to Knokke. Of course, we guide them through the house. We are handing over the manual of the house we have prepared.


Our hosting service includes a stand-by service for your guests in case of emergency.


We schedule cleaning as soon as your guests leave so that your home is ready for its next booking.

We bring our own ecological cleaning products. We are asking for a vacuum cleaner to be present in the house. Cleaning costs are the responsibility of your guests.


Our hosting service provides crisp linen and fluffy towels to keep your guests comfortable and happy.

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